March 10, 2011

Ohhh Goodness.

We've reached that time in the semester. You know the one!
Always tired, strained relationships, having to make decisions based on how much work needs to be done, no social life...

The good thing is, this is my last semester!! For now. Poor Salm has a few more years, but he chose his own path. :)

I've been trying to practice selfless love lately. This happens at least once a semester for about a month. Salm gets so busy with many deadlines and appointments that when he wants to unwind, it is definitely not to give me attention. I completely understand, but I still get upset sometimes (I'm very sensitive, you know). Then I remember what his days are like and realize that he has no energy left when he gets to me. And that is alright. It doesn't last forever. Just a little while. So I try to remind myself of these things and I try to make it a bit easier on him. I am NOT perfect. In fact I had a little episode yesterday, however, he knows that it is hard on me and is patient. It stinks for him too! So I try to do little things when I am not too busy with myself. We are such a selfish species sometimes.

I haven't gotten to cook much lately. I did make a king cake for a mardi gras party last Saturday! It was my first. It was a bit dry, but I have some ideas for next year's cake. I will post a picture! Who knows when...but i will!

Have a lovely day,

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