February 24, 2011

Rainy day off..

And I just made an eggroll salad!!

Ignore the fantastically gnawed fingernail polish and gaze at the beautiful salad that I invented take credit for.

There's one thing you need to know about me. I love eggrolls. I love them so much. I got a box from the store and I wanted to eat them all for dinner. As it turns out, these are not the best for you... So I made two eggrolls and then made a salad to go around them!

The dressing is the part that makes it all come together. I didn't really measure, but I will give you the best estimates I can.

Take 1/4 cup rice vinegar mix it with 2 TB sugar. Whisk until the sugar is dissolved. Then add a teaspoon of soy sauce, some red pepper flakes, and 2 TB of sesame oil. The toasted kind would be best here. Then add a 1/4 cup if mayo. (I used vegan mayo because I love it.) Whisk that all together and then add olive or canola oil until it is the consistency you would like. Mine was pretty thick. 

I took spinach (I didn't have any other greens) and sliced up a red bell pepper, grated some carrots and some mushrooms and put them in my bowl. Then I drizzled the dressing on top. I had some "Chinese Noodles" (That's what it said on the package...it's ramen..) so I broke them up into little pieces and sprinkled them on top. I love crunch on my salads. Then slice up your egg roll and you're set!! 

I've had quite a few of these in the past couple of days. It makes me feel better about eating eggrolls...

Hey, it's the little things, right? :)

Oh. And exciting news... I got my cap and gown today!!!! yay!


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  1. Hello Brittany!! Excellent idea with portioning out the eggrolls! I do the same thing taco filling and taco add-ons, because I could basically sit down and eat 6 tacos...but skipping the shells and eating the soy crumbles, beans, salsa, cheese, and guac on a bed of greens somehow makes it okay. :)