February 18, 2011

I am failing miserably...

This week has been crazy!
It has been full of school and night life and no sleep.

So, I promised an interview about this lasagna. Well.
I don't have that yet. 
But I can tell you how he made it, for the most part.
AND. I can show you a picture of the amazingness. 
So, from what Salm told me. He caramelized onions and garlic for the topping. He roasted a red pepper over the gas flame on the stove for one layer. He also made a tofu ricotta (this was a vegan lasagna). You can find recipes for tofu ricotta online. His usually has poppy seeds, lemon juice, garlic, and probably something else.
He cooked down some portobello mushrooms in a balsamic reduction. And he used a jarred sauce. 
If I remember correctly, his layers were something like, noodles, tofu ricotta, sauce, spinach, mushrooms, noodles, sauce, red peppers, noodles, sauce, onion topping.
He baked it with foil over the pan for about 45 minutes, but he only did an 8x8 pan instead of the usual 9x13 pan. I'm assuming it would take longer in the bigger pan.

So that was the lasagna. Salm didn't really measure anyway, so the interview wouldn't have been that helpful. 

I just need you all to know that I have not cooked all week long. I have been so damn busy that I have not had time. And I don't like it one bit. 
However, I did have some fun. Tuesday I went to a show last minute that was pretty good! They were a bit too hippy for Salm, but he lived. Then on Wednesday it was my friend Jackie's birthday. So we went to dinner and then out for some drinks. That was a good time too!

It's hard to do things at night during the week because I get up so early every day. The latest I get up is usually 7:30ish on Wednesday. ugh. Oh well. This is my LAST SEMESTER. 

I don't think that thought has quite fully sunk in yet.

Alright. So I am cooking something tonight! I'm not sure what yet. I think I have some brussel sprouts that are going bad...that is if they are not already... So maybe I will roast them. yummm.....

Don't worry. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

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  1. That looks good! We should come visit you guys soon...Good job, Salm!