February 14, 2011

Oh my. I'm already behind!

Such a slacker. I know!

So, we got all the snow. And now it is gone!
It was in the 50s this weekend, so most of the snow has melted. It will also be almost 70 on Thursday!! I'm excited!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Eden Falls in the Lost Valley State Park. This is in the Boxley area of Arkansas and it is so beautiful there.
This is me by the natural bridge


Me and Salm! I had to edit it a bit because it was dark...So it's a bit off.

Me, sitting on a rock.

I climbed around to get by the waterfall to show how huge it was!
Right after this, Salm and our friend Lou threw snowballs at me.

Salm and Lou went in a cave. We didn't have flashlights (they just had the iphone) and I'm a bit claustrophobic, so I stayed behind.
But I like this one of Salm. :)

So today is Valentine's Day!
Salm made me a FANTASTIC lasagna.
I will "interview" him and get the recipe tomorrow. Or Wednesday. So busy...
But it was good. :) Then he took me to get ice cream. I kind of like him.

Love you, babe!

I hope you all had a good day!

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